Minnesota Dragonfly

Ringed Bog Haunter

Williamsonia lintneri

The Ringed Boghaunter is a small rare dragonfly with grey eyes and a striped tan and black abdomen. There are no other dragonflies around that are a similar size, color, and pattern. This species has not yet been discovered in Minnesota, although it can be found about an hour's drive east in Wisconsin


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately 1.3 inches
  • Tan face with no facial markings and lots of hairs
  • Blue-grey eyes
  • Dark mostly unmarked thorax
  • Black legs
  • Amber patches at the base of the wings
  • Dark abdomen with yellowish-tan rings at the end of segments 2 to 8
  • Dark and hairy terminal appendages

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Natural History


The Ringed Boghaunter is usually one of the first species to emerge each year. After emergence they usually can be found perched on the ground, logs, or rocks in small clearings in the bog. Although the habitat requirements are similar, Ringed Bog Haunters are rarely found in the same place as Ebony Boghaunters, although there is a location in Wisconsin where both are found. This species has yet to be discovered in Minnesota


Acidic pools in bogs and fens usually with sedges and few bushes


Mating usually happens away from the water. Females lay eggs into small bog pools by dipping abdomen into the water

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