Minnesota Dragonfly

Dragonfly Field Guides

Dragonflies of the Northwoods
by Kurt Mead

This is a great regional field guide that covers most of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan dragonflies. Its size also makes it very easy to carry in the field.

Damselflies of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan
by Bob DuBois

This is the most comprehensive guide for damselflies of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Its size also makes it very easy to carry in the field.

Damselflies of the Northeast
Ed Lam

Contains many of the damselfly species in Wisconsin. An excellent companion to Damselflies of the North Woods. Check out Bob Dubois notes on using tis book in Wisconsin-Here-

Dragonflies and damselflies of the East
by Dennis Paulson

A great resource for identifying dragonflies, especially out of state specimens. Paulson's companion guide, Dragonflies and Damselfies of the West, is also a must have.

Dragonflies Through Binoculars: A Field Guide to Dragonflies of North America
by Sidney W. Dunkle

One of the first dragonfly field guides. A true pioneer.

Dragonflies and Damselfies of Northeast Ohio
by Larry Rosche with Judy Semroc and Linda Gilbert

Although this book focuses on dragonflies of Northeast Ohio it contains most of the species found in Wisconsin, especially some of the states southern species that are not covered by the North Woods books.

Stokes Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies
by Blair Nikula, Jackie Sones, Donald and Lillian Stokes

A beginners guide, featuring many of the commonly found species of Wisconsin.

Color Guide to Common Dragonflies of Wisconsin
by Karl and Dorothy Legler

This new version has been expanded to include all WI species of dragonflies. It is available through the University of Wisconsin Arboretum Bookstore

Dragonfly Nymphs of North America
by Ken Tennessen

The first book of its kind devoted entirely to the dragonfly nymphs, the focus being the accurate identification of 330 species of Anisoptera that occur in North America north of Mexico