Minnesota Dragonfly

Ebony Boghaunter

Williamsonia fletcheri

The Ebony Boghaunter is a small rare dragonfly that is dark, has very little markings and green eyes. They are fairly easy to identify because their small size, dark color and limited markings make them unique. Because of their niche habitat needs they are very rare


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 1.1 to 1.4 inches
  • Dark unmarked face with lots of hairs
  • Green eyes that get deeper green with age
  • Dark, unmarked, hairy thorax
  • Black legs
  • Dark abdomen with two pale rings, one where segments 2 and 3 join and the other where 3 and 4 join
  • Dark terminal appendages

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Field Marks
  • Female is colored similarly to the male
  • Grayish-green eyes
  • White rings at back of segments 2 through 4
  • Sub-genital plate hangs parallel to the body and is as long as segment 9
  • Short terminal appendages

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Natural History


Both male and female Ebony Boghaunters usually perch flat, either on logs or the ground. Males often perch on sphagmun mats, making patrol flights low over bog pools


Small sphagnum pools in bogs and fens typically surrounded by woodlands


Mating usually happens away from the water. Females lay eggs into small bog pools by dipping abdomen into the water

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