Minnesota Dragonfly

Splendid Clubtail

Gomphurus lineatifrons

The Splendid Clubtail is a large Clubtail that can often be found basking in the sunlight. They are typically found around rocky rivers with a fast moving current. It was moved from the genus Gomphus to the new genus Gomphurus


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately 2.6 inches
  • Yellow face with thin black cross line
  • Green eyes when mature
  • Yellow thorax with broad shoulder stripes, that are not connected, and narrow mid stripes
  • The third thoracic stripe may be broken or incomplete
  • Black abdomen with lance-style top spots on segments 3 to 7 and nothing on top of segments 8-10
  • Yellow patches on the sides of segments 7-9 are not the full width of the segment
  • Abdomen is moderately clubbed, club is not as wide as the thorax
  • Subgenital plates brown and rectangular, about half the size of segment 9
  • Short black terminal appendages

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Natural History


Males perch on rocks in riffles and patrol by flying between these perches often stopping to hover over riffles. When it is cooler out they will perch on rocks, leaves, or the ground in the sun


Clean, fast moving, large and medium sized rivers, usually with rocky and gravel bottoms


Females lay eggs by dipping abdomen into swift moving water

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