Minnesota Dragonfly

Halloween Pennant

Celithemis eponina

The Halloween Pennant is a colorful Skimmer who's common name comes from the male's orange and brown "Halloween" color scheme. The female is similar looking but is primarily yellow and brown instead of orange and brown like the male


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 1.2 to 1.7 inches
  • Orange-red face with eyes that are red over brown
  • Orange-brown thorax with 2 dark incomplete side stripes
  • Black abdomen with orange top spots, the length of each segment, through segment 7
  • Cerci pail at the base, black at the tips
  • Orange wings with reddish orange veins and stigma
  • Forewings have 3 relatively evenly spaced dark brown stripes
  • Hind wings have 3 stripes with the outside stripe complete, the middle stripe looking like 2 connected dots and the inside stripe looking like 2 separate dots

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Field Marks
  • Face yellow with eyes red over pale
  • Yellow thorax with black incomplete side stripes
  • Black abdomen with yellow top spots, the length of each segment, through segment 7
  • Terminal appendages pale with black edges and tips. Small subgenital plates
  • Wings similar to males except yellow and brown with dots on mid hind wing separate on female

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Natural History


Typically found perched in grassy field away from the water, often in large numbers. They usually perch horizontally, pennant style, at the tops of vegetation. Often active in cooler weather, even mist or light rain. They have a fluttery type of flight. This together with their coloration may make them appear like a monarch butterfly to would be predators


Pods, marshes, lake borders, ditches with emergent vegetation


Mating can take up to around 6minutes and generally takes place perched in a location away from the water. Eggs are laid either in tandem or solo by the female

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