Minnesota Dragonfly

Incurvate Emerald

Somatochlora incurvata

The Incurvate Emerald is a large dark Emerald with indistinct or no pale stripes on the thorax. They are primarily found in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula but have also recently been recorder in Northern Minnesota


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is from approximately 1.9 to 2.4 inches
  • Black face that is yellow on the sides
  • Emerald eyes
  • Thorax is brown and green with possible indistinct pale stripes
  • Black legs
  • Dark abdomen that is longer than the wings and narrowest at segments 3 and 4
  • Small brown side spots on abdomen from segments 4 or 5 to 7 or 8
  • Forceps style claspers that angle down and towards each other but with a gap between the tips
  • From a side view claspers appear fairly straight

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Field Marks
  • Female is colored similarly to the male
  • Abdominal side spots slightly larger and bolder than those on male
  • Large scoop shaped subgenital plates are rounded on the end and extend past the end of segment 9 and part way through 10
  • Terminal appendages are about as long as segment 9 and 10 combined
  • Juvenile females may have orange wingtips

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Natural History


When it gets warm Incurvate Emeralds will often join with other species of Emeralds in feeding swarms, often hunting until sundown


Open sedge meadows and sphagnum bog pools


Males often patrol bog pools looking for females and chasing off males including other species of emeralds. Females oviposit alone by tapping their abdomen on small pools

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