Minnesota Dragonfly

Spatterdock Darner

Rhionaeschna mutata

The Spatterdaock Darner is a species that has a range that is typically south or east of Minnesota. First found in one location in the eastern Twin Cities in 2009 no new sightings have been seen since 2011, although there are still several locations in Wisconsin where this species is found


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 2.5 to 2.7 inches
  • Sky blue face with no facial markings
  • Bright blue eyes
  • Thorax brown with blue thoracic stripes
  • Front thoracic stripe is wider at the top and notched in the back
  • Brown abdomen with blue to white triangular spots
  • Claspers forked at the end of the cerci

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Natural History


An early emergent species that is mostly found flying only in June. Low flyer, typically flying a few feet above the water, usually patrolling over the water instead of the shoreline. Can also be found hanging from trees or bushes in nearby woodlands


Shallow ponds and lakes without fish. Spatterdock, yellow pond lily, is often present.


Females lay eggs in spatterdock, yellow pond lily, or other aquatic vegetation.

Range Maps

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