Minnesota Dragonfly

Unicorn Clubtail

Arigomphus villosipes

The Unicorn Clubtail is a pond Clubtail that is found predominantly in the Northeastern United States. There is one record of the species in Minnesota and there are a few reliable locations in Southeastern Wisconsin, which is the western edge of their range


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 2 to 2.3 inches
  • Turquoise, green or blue eyes
  • Yellow unmarked face that is black between the eyes
  • Yellow occiput with small spike or horn in the center
  • Pale yellow thorax with 2 thin front shoulder stripes, third stripe only on bottom half and fourth stripe mainly on the top half
  • Black legs with thin yellow streak on shins
  • Black abdomen with yellow spears on top of segments 2-7
  • Segments 8 and 9 are black with rusty brown on the sides
  • Segment 10 is yellow and brown with a pale cerci and epiproct outlined with black

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Natural History


The Unicorn Clubtail are often found perched along the shoreline facing the water. They frequently perch on the ground, in sand or mud, but will also perch on lily pads, algae mats, logs, or on vegetation along the shore. They are sometimes found in the same habitat as Lilypad Clubtails


Muddy-bottomed lakes, ponds and slow moving streams with little vegetation


Males patrol over the water or from low perch. Females lay eggs alone by tapping their abdomen on the water's surface

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