Minnesota Dragonfly

Rapids Clubtail

Phanogomphus quadricolor

The Rapids Clubtail is a small dark Clubtail typically found around fast moving rivers and streams. It was moved from the genus Gomphus to the new genus Phanogomphus. Although it is generally found in a different habitat than the other species of Phanogomphus in the area


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 1.6 to 1.8 inches
  • Yellow face with no facial markings
  • Blue eyes
  • Greenish-yellow thorax
  • Broad shouldered stripes connected at top and bottom
  • Second pair of thoracic stripes, thin, unconnected, with the space between them 'muddy'
  • All black legs
  • Black abdomen with small yellow top spots and side spots on segments 3-7
  • Large yellow patches on sides of segments 8 and 9 that extend to the edge
  • Segments 8-10 black with no top spots and black terminal appendages

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Field Marks
  • Female is colored similarly to the male
  • Side spots on abdomen segment 3 to 7 usually have a tail
  • Small subgenital plates

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Natural History


Males typically perch on sunny rocks in the water or along the shore. They will also perch on the ground, sandy beaches and low in vegetation around the bank


Large streams and rivers typically with a strong current


Pairs can be found quite a ways away from the water. Females fly over swift moving water laying eggs by dipping their abdomen into the water. The current carries the eggs to calm pools where the nymphs will hatch and grow

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