Minnesota Dragonfly

Extra-striped Snaketail

Ophiogomphus anomalus

The Extra-striped Snaketail is a small and rare Snaketail. This species is listed as Endangered in Wisconsin and a Species of Special Concern in Minnesota. Their nymphs are found in very specific habitats in clear, cold mid-sized rivers. Adults are seldom seen


Field Marks
  • Average adult size is approximately from 1.5 to 1.7 inches
  • Green face with bold crossline and other facial markings (mustache and goatee) and green eyes
  • Green abdomen with bold shoulder stripes
  • Mid thoracic stripes have an extra line running diagonally between them forming a 'N' shape
  • Dark abdomen with yellow arrow shaped top spots on segments 3 to 8, square spot on segment 9 and round spot on segment 10
  • Yellow side patches on segments 7 to 9 outlined on the bottom with black rim
  • This specimen is immature. It was raised from a nymph that was captured in the St Louis River in Northern MN. Thanks to Mitch Haag for raising it and Curt Oien for giving me the chance to photograph it

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Natural History


One of the most rare species in Minnesota. Extra-striped Snaketail nymphs are found in between boulders in very swift current in clean cold rivers. Adults spend a lot of time on the wing, mostly away from the water, and rarely perches low


Clear, cold, mid-sized rivers with large boulders and swift current


Female lays eggs alone by dipping abdomen into water near desired nymph habitat

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